Dental Stem Cell Therapy

You’ve probably heard of umbilical cord blood banking. Many families have decided to save their child’s cord blood stem cells for future needs. Did you know that stem cells can also be collected from teeth?

Dr. Lance Jue is on the cutting edge of Dental Stem Cell Therapy and the first dentist in Fort Bend County to provide Dental Stem Cell Therapy through Store-A-Tooth. This therapy is a new revolution that saves stem cells from baby teeth, teeth removed for orthodontic reasons and wisdom teeth to help with future infections or diseases.

Advantages of Storing Stem Cells

Stem cells can regenerate the body’s many cells, tissues and organs. Stem cells are different from other cells because they can transform into many different cells types and also they divide much more than other cells — and dental stem cells replicate even more rapidly than those taken from other body tissue.

Through using your own dental stem cells for future medical treatments, there is less chance that your body will reject the treatment. And the initial cost to store dental stem cells is one third to one half the cost of storing umbilical cord blood. Plus, you or your child’s dental stem cells may match other relatives who may need medical help, such as siblings, parents or grandparents.

Stem Cell Treatment

Dental stem cells have even been used to grow jawbones and treat those with periodontal disease. In the future, stem cells may be able to treat:

  • Diabetes

  • Spinal cord injury

  • Stroke

  • Liver disease

  • Alzheimer’s

  • And many more diseases

  • Heart attacks


How it Works

Dr. Lance Jue works with Store-A-Tooth, who provides a Tooth Transport Kit with the materials to protect and transport the tooth overnight to their lab. Then the stems cells are collected from the tooth and validated, and a final report is given to you. The cells are kept frozen until the day you need them, and they are sent to your healthcare provider.