TMJ NextGeneration Device

What Is TMJ?

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder is a non-life threatening health disorder that involves a cluster of painful conditions that surrounds the muscles and nerves around the movable areas of the jaw and ear joints. If you are experiencing headaches, jaw and ear pain, jaw locking and clicking sounds, stiffness, pain in the face or neck, or chewing difficulties, you could very well be experiencing symptoms of TMJ.

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TMJD is more common in women than men, although both genders experience these symptoms and disorders. According to the National Institute of Health, TMJD can affect more than 35 million Americans ranging between the ages of 20-40.


Bite splints are the most traditional form of treatment. The results associated with the bite splint treatments have been inconsistent in its effectiveness. A bite splint is very similar to a mouth guard that is worn at night to reduce grinding of the teeth. Bite splints can’t be worn while eating, and affects speech due to the awkward plastic sitting between your teeth.

Better Solution

The TMJ NextGeneration Device is the better solution. It provides more comfort than the bite splint, and is more economical and less risky with the complications associated with surgery. This medical device consists of two removable hollow ear canal inserts worn in each ear. The molds are carefully created and custom fitted to your ear, which is safe, effective, and comfortable.

The TMJ NextGeneration device naturally molds to the design of your ear through our custom creation process, making it more aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to wear 24 hours a day. The ear canal naturally adjusts to movements such as chewing and speaking, providing an overall more comfortable experience for the patient.

TMJ NextGeneration is a proven effective solution supported through research and clinical studies, correspondingly results show that users of the NextGeneration device feel a significant amount of pain reduction. This innovative and unique medical device treatment is up to or greater than 20 percent larger than the ear canals diameter when the jaw is in a closed position. It is believed that this archetype provides joint support and a cognitive awareness system for the patient.