Even if most days your teeth aren’t your biggest priority, as a special event rolls around you might find yourself stressing over whether your teeth are ready to shine. Getting your teeth in top shape, quickly, is of the utmost importance.

While there are several at-home solutions that may help you regain confidence, nothing will look better than a cleaner, whiter smile. A Beautiful Smile offers several easy procedures that are timed conveniently to be finished by your special event. From individual whitening to group bridal party appointments, there is something for everyone.

Zoom teeth whitening

Drugstore tooth whitening systems exist, but they are often difficult to use and can lead to complications if used improperly. The best thing to do is leave your smile in the hands of professionals. We can apply the Zoom treatment to your teeth for a whiter smile in just one hour. While the results of at-home whitening often fade after a short time, Zoom will last through your big day and beyond. The treatment can be applied directly to stains, so you can visibly see results. Call us today with any questions you have and to schedule a consultation appointment.

Bridal party whitening

If you are getting married or are part of a bridal party, ask us about our group specials. To get the most of your pictures and look great in timeless photos, your group of four or more can come in for a whitening party. We’ll even whiten the bride’s teeth for free when you book as a group. Make it fun and enjoy our complimentary wine and champagne. While a wedding is a special event in itself, you can be less stressed knowing your teeth shine.

Makeup application

If the big day rolls around you haven’t whitened your teeth, you can try some makeup tips to create the appearance of a whiter smile. Lipsticks with a blue undertone will add a contrast to your smile. You can also try using a darker makeup palette which will make your teeth look lighter in comparison. Avoid browns which will highlight yellow teeth and draw attention to stains. Men can have the same effect by choosing ties and clothing in similar colors. The best option, of course, is to go ahead and whiten your teeth, as in different lightings these color tips won’t work.

Teeth polishing

Many people say they have a temporarily whiter smile after using a tooth polisher. You can come into our office for a stronger tooth polish, or get an at-home kit to use before the event. Tooth polishing helps give a stronger scrub than regular tooth brushing and can also help you feel confident by having a clean mouth.

Smiling is essential to enjoying your party or bridal event. If you are worried or suffer embarrassment over stains or yellow teeth, come visit us in our office so we can discuss your options and help you present your best self.