One of the most effective preventive measures in oral health care is to know your teeth and address any signs of problems with your dentist early on. A simple measure, yet many people do not take the time to really get to know their mouth. We have devised a few ways to get to know your teeth in order to protect your smile in the long run.

Don’t be Afraid of Your Dentist

Many patients are timid around their dentist without really understanding why. In fact, this fear has caused nearly half of Americans to lie to their dentist. This is very detrimental to your oral health because it means you may not receive the care you actually need.  Although lying about oral hygiene habits you may not be so proud of may seem like the easy solution, building an honest relationship with your dentist will allow you to comfortably address any issues you have with your teeth early on, and your smile will thank you for it.


Spend Quality Time in the Mirror

Take a good, hard look at your teeth. Notice the color of your gums, tongue and teeth. Does your mouth seem dry or irritated? These are important pieces of information to take note of. By getting to know your teeth, you are able to immediately notice when something is out of the ordinary. Are your gums receding, or looking puffier than usual? This is an early sign of gingivitis. Are you developing a cavity in the back of your mouth? Schedule an appointment before you feel the pain of a toothache. Thoroughly checking your mouth in the mirror will allow you to monitor the condition of your oral health and quickly address any signs of problems.


Schedule Frequent Check-Ups

The golden number of dental check-ups for the healthy adult is two times a year. It is important that you take these visits seriously and address any issues you may have with your dentist. It also allows for a much more thorough cleaning that will brighten your smile far beyond what you can achieve at home. If you are worried about forgetting your check-ups, we suggest marking days in your calendar now to schedule an appointment, or call your dentist and ask if they send appointment reminders. This is an easy way to stay on schedule with your oral hygiene and it will pay off in the long run.


We can’t stress the importance of getting to know your teeth enough. It’s an easy way to ensure a healthy mouth that will last lifetime. If you are interested in learning more ways to know your teeth, contact A Beautiful Smile at Lake Pointe in Houston, Texas to set up an appointment with our experienced dentists.