This past year slightly less than half of American parents reported that their child brushed their teeth twice a day. The survey was conducted by the Ad Council, and the results shocked dentists. In response, the Ad Council, and the Partnership for Healthy Mouths, Healthy Lives joined together to issue a nationwide campaign about the importance of establishing good oral hygiene at a young age. The campaign targets not only the parents of young children, but the young children themselves. It aims to educate both on topics like the importance of oral health and methods by which it can be achieved and maintained. It also promotes prevention of oral diseases. The ads will run in both English and Spanish and will be published through various media outlets including, public television, radio and print sources.Sugar Land dentist

The Truth About Kids And Oral Health

It seems that many parents seem to think oral hygiene is less important for young children than it is for adults. Some of the reasons they might think this is because baby teeth are not permanent, or children’s mouths are less dirty. In truth children are more likely than adults to suffer from tooth decay. Over 16 million kids in the US today suffer from it and are not being treated for it. There is no getting around it, it is just as important for young children to maintain their oral health as it is for adults.

While maybe teeth may fall out, they still have to be taken care of until they are replaced by permanent teeth. If baby teeth begin to develop cavities they will cause a child a severe amount of pain and a parent a large amount of money to have it filled and treated. It’s also important that kids learn at a young age that oral hygiene will be important throughout their lives. Allowing kids to slack on their oral hygiene causes them to develop poor oral hygiene habits which they will carry with them into their adult lives. Baby teeth that are ill taken care of can affect the health of incoming permanent teeth.

The new ad campaign will also specifically target lower income parents, as this is the socioeconomic status that is most susceptible to tooth decay and cavities. What the ads will most aim to get across is the importance of brushing twice a day for two minutes each time. Seems simple enough, but many people (adults and children) fail to do so everyday! The ads will joke about the numerous things children manage to spend two minutes doing each day anyway, and highlight the benefits of making brushing their teeth one of them.

If you are the parent of young child remind them:

  • Brushing your teeth once a day is not enough! Twice a day for two minutes is absolutely necessary.

  • Try to make the task fun by offering small, healthy rewards, or playing a game or special song while brushing.

  • Teach your child how to floss, and help them do so until you believe them capable of doing so on their own. Flossing should be done once a day.

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