It’s no secret or surprise that kids don’t typically enjoy visiting the dentist. From the fear of being poked and probed to the gut-wrenching sound of the drill, going to the dentist can be quite an exhausting experience for a young child. With the introduction of drill-less dentistry, this experience can be changed for the better. Here are the top reasons why drill-less dentistry will make taking your kids to the dentist an easy task.

happy kid at dentist

No Needles

Yes, you read that correctly. Laser dentistry numbs only the tooth, which means that shots are no longer necessary for most dental procedures. This is a cause for celebration for many parents that have struggled to get their kids to go to the dentist by eliminating one of many children’s biggest fears: shots.


No Jackhammer Noises

Even with a numb mouth, many kids imagine they must be in pain because the sound of the drill can be quite frightening. As a kid, the reasoning is pretty solid: if it sounds like a construction zone, it must hurt. Thankfully, lasers are nearly silent, only making a small popping noise similar to popcorn. This familiar sound seems much less intrusive, and means that it is less likely to seem painful to a child. This also means that taking your kids to the dentist will be a little bit easier.


Less Recovery Time

Because laser dentistry is more accurate and precise, the recovery period after a procedure is not quite as extensive as it is when using a drill. This means that there is less bleeding during and after the procedure, less swelling, and less numbness when you leave. A quick recovery is important to kids who are eager to participate in an active lifestyle with friends. Your child knowing they will be able to enjoy playtime after their dental appointment will make your trip to the dentist much easier.


Overall, there are many benefits laser dentistry has for both children and adults. If you are interested in drill-less dentistry, contact A Beautiful Smile at Lake Pointe in Houston, Texas to set up an appointment with our experienced dentists. Together, we can make taking your kids to the dentist a great experience.