Possibly one of the best parts about the seasonal festivities are the creative holiday drinks that get you in the mood to celebrate. Where there was a black cup of coffee now sits a peppermint mocha latte. Where there was a pale ale now sits a Christmas ale, and the list goes on. While these holiday drinks are ever so tempting and delicious, there are consequences for overindulgence. Just because they have a nice flavor to them doesn’t mean your teeth become immune to stains and decay. Get your seasonal drinks in while you can, but take extra precautions when drinking these holiday beverages.


Seasonal Coffee


You’ve probably heard it a million times that coffee stains your teeth. Between the high levels of acid and the dark, lingering color, coffee is a sure choice if you’re looking to rock the yellow teeth this year. Saying no to a Starbucks seasonal Caramel Brulee latte can be extremely difficult, you may want to pass. The extra ingredients that make these holiday drinks so delicious are the same ones that contribute to enamel erosion. If you must get a coffee, make sure to order a water with it to rinse off any remaining drips of coffee clinging to your teeth.


Red Wine


For some, red wine may be a year long scare for teeth stains. Some people who are more occasional drinkers may see an increase in staining from a large amount of red wine consumption. Like coffee, red wine likes to linger in your mouth and cling to plaque and create stains. The best way to avoid red wine stains is to choose a white wine with a less intense color.

Seasonal Beer


As craft beer becomes increasingly popular, it seems like every brand has created their own unique brew of seasonal flavors. Unfortunately, darker beers like a brown ale, porter or a stout can cause permanent stains on your teeth that can only be removed by a dentist’s professional polishing treatment. Typically, these beers are brewed with caramel, coffee, chocolate or molasses flavors. If you are unsure how dark the beer is, look for these ingredients to decide if you should avoid it’s dark features.


Holiday Punch


The infamous mystery punch that finds its way into most big holiday parties always seems to have a darker color to it. Maybe it is because fruit punch is the most popular flavor. Or maybe there is a dark liquor or soda mixed in. Either way, these types of holiday drinks are full of all different sugary ingredients mysteriously allows you to have a great time. In order to save your teeth and your reputation, stay away from the holiday punch this season.


The dentists at A Beautiful Smile at Lake Pointe in Houston, Texas know how difficult it can be to deny the flavors of the holiday drinks this season. If you find yourself giving into impulse and just cannot say no to your favorite Starbucks drink, contact A Beautiful Smile to get a full cleaning treatment for you and the whole family.