Do you have a big event approaching – an important job interview, a get-together, or perhaps your wedding day? These are big reasons you would want to show off your white pearlsto everybody. But what would you do if your teeth are not so white and you’ve got limited timebefore the big day? If same day teeth whitening process is possible, I bet you won’t hesitate to be in line.

As a matter of fact, there are one day teeth whiter services available. Here are your available teeth whitening options, which include the fastest white teeth by tonight treatments as well as those treatments that take some time.

In-Office Teeth Whitening Method

Do you want an instant teeth whitening process? This option is for you. This one day teeth whiter services are not only very fast but are also the most effective method.This method is recommended by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD). Your dentist commences this same day procedure by applying a dental gel to your gums before applying the bleaching agent (the gel is applied prior the application of the bleaching agent to prevent irritation that may be caused by the strength of bleaching agent). The bleaching agent contains concentrated hydrogen peroxide as its active ingredient. After applying the bleaching agent,usually to your eight front teeth,a special light is shone onto the bleaching agent to enhance and shorten the whitening actions. Normally, within an hour, the teeth whitening process should be over and your teeth should appear about eight to tentimes whiter.

At-Home Teeth Whitening Method

Another white teeth by tonight method is the at-home teeth whitening method. If you have a little more of your time to spare, you can consider the take-home whitening methods. This method is also an effective teeth whitening process but requires you to wear custom trays on your teeth. Your dentist would need to take impressions of your teeth to make the whitening custom trays. However, there are some dental products in the market that allow you to create the custom trays yourself. You would add some bleaching gel to the custom trays according to the prescription of the dentist whenever you are ready to put them on. For faster and desired result, the custom trays must be worn daily for a few hours for a period of a week or two.

The teeth whitening methods above are the best and effective white teeth by tonight treatments. However, here is another potent but time-taking whitening treatment:

Over-the-Counter Whitening Products

These products are less expensive and can be obtained at any drug store or convenience store. They include: whitening toothpaste, pens and brushes, paint-on tooth gel,mouth trays with gel, and teeth whitening strips, etc. like stated above, this method is not advisable if you’re impatient or short on time as it is not as dramatic as the methods listed above and it will take a longer time to achieve result. This products do not contain the same level of concentration of hydrogen peroxide as the in-office and at-home whitening treatment.

Other Tips

According to the Academy of General Dentistry, here are a few things you should consider for maximum teeth whitening results:

  • During the teeth whitening process, avoid taking stain-causing drinks and foods, such as tea, coffee, and blueberries. Also, abstain from smoking or chewing tobacco after the teeth whitening treatment.
  • Although the bleaching agent won’t harm your dental crowns or dental fillings, it will also not affect their existing colour.
  • Consult your dentist to examine your dental condition and ascertain that you don’t have dental caries, toothsensitivity, or periodontal disease before the whitening procedure.

Nowadays, the teeth whitening process is more effective and safer if carried out by a professional dentist. More so, only a professional dentist can determine whether you need the one day teeth whiter services or other whitening options. Therefore, let our professional dentists at Sugar Land TX advise you on the teeth whitening treatment that is most suitable for you.