The soft creamy deliciousness of chocolate is something everyone craves. Although chocolate is commonly perceived as “unhealthy”, there are ingredients in this delightful candy that actually help strengthen teeth. Researchers at Osaka University in Japan  conducted a study that found parts of the cocoa bean called CBH helped prevent tooth decay and bacteria growth in the mouth.

The Secret Ingredient

Cacao bean husk (CBH) extract  has antibacterial elements known to prevent bacteria growth in the mouth that  could lead to tooth decay overtime. The extract comes from the Cacao bean’s husk, which is usually wasted during the production of chocolate.

Health magazines and websites alike are catching onto the viral trend of this “healthy” type chocolate:dark chocolate. As you may know, chocolate comes in a variety of forms, milk, dark, and white. Experts recommend dark chocolate due to the high percentage of cocoa solids (the healthy component of chocolate), so when shopping for a chocolate bar, be sure to choose a higher percentage of cocoa.
How it works

Your teeth decay when the sugar in your mouth turns into acids, which eat away the protective surface layer of your teeth. When the enamel is gone, cavities start to form, causing pain and discomfort in your mouth. Dark chocolate hardens the enamel on your teeth through the chemical makeup of CBH, which prevents cavities and tooth decay. What a bittersweet truth!
Remember, even though dark chocolate is good for you, it still contains a lot of sugar. The added benefit provided from this delicious delight doesn’t give you an excuse not to brush your teeth every day. Continue your oral hygiene routine by brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing regularly. If you need to satisfy your sweet tooth, make sure you eat dark chocolate. If you want to eat other sugary sweets, make sure to visit the dentist regularly to keep up with your sweet tooth. Contact Sugarland Dental Spa in Houston Texas to consult with a dentist or make your next appointment!