As technology and innovation improves the dental industry, we have many people that want even straighter teeth but are wary and disgusted with the metallic bracket and the weightiness of the traditional method of straightening your teeth. If you are among the many that what to have straight and sexy looking teeth, then you might want to consider the Invisalign procedure at Sugarland Dental Spa, it is where the best Invisalign dentist is found.


What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is the newest in orthodontic treatments that are helping patients get straighter, nicer and beautiful teeth with the use of metallic braces. This new method as the name suggests is an invisible brace and eliminate the self-consciousness of having that clunky brackets in your mouth.

This advanced technology is an effective treatment that is virtually invisible when in your mouth.


The Invisalign procedure

When and if you decide to undergo this procedure of having Invisalign in Sugarland Dental Spa, you search for a good doctor that can perform the Invisalign procedure. Getting the best Invisalign dentist is as easy as going online to look for one, but we have done that for you by giving you the best Invisalign dentist from a dental clinic that has been in the business for long. Invisalign Sugarland is your number one stop for the best teeth procedure and best and certified doctors that will change the way you smile forever.

Step one

To start with, you make an appointment with your orthodontist if you have one or allow your dentist to suggest a good and qualified dentist see for the Invisalign procedure. Once the appointment is booked, you discuss with the dentist what the Invisalign procedure entails, if it is good for you, the advantages and disadvantages of the procedure and undergoing various tests and scans to determine if you are qualified for the procedure.

Once you are proclaimed okay for the Invisalign procedure,  an effective plan that will use aligners which are custom made for your teeth are designed and placed on the teeth to slowly but surely return your teeth to normal and better looking.

Step Two

The next step is the making of your custom aligners after a digital scan is taken from your teeth. These aligners are used to pull your teeth back to a more natural position.

These aligners occur in series, and each aligner is placed on the teeth for a period of two weeks adding compression, and pressure to your teeth pulling them together.

After two weeks, another aligner is placed over the teeth again, this is because the first aligner will have grown big for your teeth, as they are been compressed together.


How many aligners do you need to complete a straightening process for my teeth?

The number of Invisalign aligners needed depends on how badly misaligned from the beginning. In some cases, you might need 3 or 4 aligners, but others take longer to attain the result they want.


How is the Invisalign procedure compared to other teeth straightening jobs?

The Invisalign procedure is a fast and easy procedure as all it needs is for you to wear your aligner as much and long as possible during the procedure. The best things about Invisalign are they are invisible braces that are removable. So how they are like false teeth but finer and are for a different purpose.


How long will it take before my teeth become normal?

As mentioned above, each aligner last 7 to 14 weeks, this small duration allows the dentist to monitor the changes and how to take it up a notch with the next aligner. As you replace the aligner with subsequent aligners, your teeth are gradually been straightened and will last depends on the misalignment as stated.

You will need to visit your dentist once every 6 to 10 weeks to check your progress; a typical duration for the Invisalign procedure is about 12 to 18 months with 20 aligners worn at the minimum or 50 and above in worst case scenario.


Pros of the Invisalign procedure

They are removable: this action makes it easier to clean your natural teeth and also clean the aligner reducing the chances of infection or discoloring your teeth as you would have with metal braces.

They are safer: with the Invisalign aligner, patients feel like it’s their natural teeth. The aligners are strong enough that is can be used to eat chew and don’t worry, food particles don’t get struck nor do they get discolored by foods. In addition, you can brush them to keep them cleaner.

They are invisible: for adults that don’t want people knowing they have braces on, the Invisalign procedure takes away that stigmatization that is attached with metal braces. Invisalign are made with translucent plastic that people won’t notice; boosting your confidence while you fix and strengthen your teeth.


Who is this procedure for?

The Invisalign procedure is for teens and adults that find metal braces annoying and can’t take the drastic change that it places on your life. The invisibility of the braces allows you to manage your life without the feeling of having braces hindering your daily activity.


How much does an Invisalign procedure cost?

Due to the process involved, these invisible braces cost are pretty high and will definitely set you back a lot. The typical price from manufacturers is in the price range of 3500 dollars to above 8000 dollars. Payments systems can be discussed with your doctor or the facility that handles the procedure. You can also employ other payment methods all of which will be discussed with your insurance company or other health schemes that can cover the procedure.

Where to get Invisalign?

The best Invisalign dentist is not far from you. If you are looking for the best procedure; you are welcome to talk with one of our dentists at Sugarland Dental Spa under our Invisalign Sugarland program and have you smiling in no time.

For more information on this procedure, please visit our website and book an appointment today where all the details and process are discussed with you.