Whether you’ve personally had braces or have been close with someone who has in the past, you are most likely aware of the perils of having a ‘permanent retainer’. Although this little piece of metal may seem miniscule and not very invasive, you would be surprised at home often it can seem to get in the way when eating. It stands as a monument to the completion of the corrective braces process you bravely endured for many years.

Are They Actually Permanent?

You might be in fear of the ever so strong glue used on your braces being re-applied to the backs of your teeth after they’ve been cleaned. Getting your braces removed is certainly one of the most relieving feelings one can have, but the sight of more hardware headed near your mouth can be disheartening. Don’t fret though; these retainers are not actually permanent.

Sure, they will stay in for a very long time. This is because once your teeth are free from the restraints of braces, some of them still have enough strength, power, and determination to once again go rogue. That is why this little installment is made, to assure that the efforts put in to straightening and leveling them does not go to waste.

Most of us who have had braces probably never experienced one of the brackets breaking away from our tooth. That is because the glue and UV-sealed bond that is used comes quite close to the strength of concrete. There is no need for fear though, as this glue is actually not intened to last forever. Most retainers that reside behind our front teeth are expected to last roughly 4 or 5 years.

Although in some occasions these retainers must be removed with professional help, in most cases it’s actually very common for them to fall out while eating or even in your sleep. As long as they are not swallowed, the metal can be discarded and the glue will naturally wear down over a series of months.

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