It can be hard to keep your teeth white, especially if you are a coffee drinker or wine lover. Of course our dentists tell us to bring a toothbrush to work or drink water between every glass of wine or cup of coffee, but let’s face it, that is not always the case.


Fortunately, keeping these foods steadily in your diet will help you whiten teeth along with a regular brushing routine.



The reason is unexpected, although it works. First, onions have no color and therefore do not put you at risk for tooth staining. Also, nobody likes onion breath, so this veggie acts like a parent, forcing you to brush your teeth after eating. If you can stand onion breath all day, we applaud you, but take advantage of onions as a way to brush and whiten teeth.



Don’t let the color fool you! Commonly grouped with “dark berries” that stain teeth, strawberries are not an expected source used to whiten teeth. The active malic acid in strawberries helps whiten teeth using its natural astringent to remove surface stains which are the most common cause of discoloration.



An apple a day keeps the doctor (and dentist) away! Along with many other fruits, apples contain a high amount of water which can naturally cleanse and whiten teeth. The juices help produce excess amounts of saliva which has enzymes to fight off tooth plaque, keeping your teeth white. The crunchiness of the apple acts as a natural scrub, wiping away the surface stains collected throughout the day.



Much like apples, celery contains a high concentration of water that flushes the mouth of lingering bacteria. Additionally, it stimulates saliva production, keeping bacteria and plaque from permanently forming on teeth.


Baking soda

Of course we don’t expect you to eat this, but try trading your toothpaste for baking soda a few days a week, or purchase toothpaste with a baking soda ingredient added to the formula. It acts as a natural bleach and the salt-like consistency makes for a gentle scrub to whiten teeth.



Cheese is full of calcium which encourages strong bones. Having strong teeth and enamel prevents tooth staining and decay. Cheese is also colorless or contains a “lighter” color, which helps in avoiding stains.


Luckily, these foods not only promote white teeth, they are also very nutritious for your overall health and can easily be added to any recipe. If you are in need of teeth whitening and do not have time to change your diet, visit Sugar Land Dental for a professional teeth whitening appointment. Multiple teeth whitening options are available in Houston, Texas, including Zoom! Teeth Whitening.