Maintaining a good oral hygiene is important for several reasons. Getting a clean and fresh mouth is tantamount to being healthy. What are the most important reasons why mouthwash is being recommended by dentists?

  • Controls growth of bacteria in the oral cavity
  • Proper oral hygiene is very important to maintain overall health
  • Prevents tooth decay
  • Removes bad breath
  • Prevents gum diseases
  • Prevents plaque formation

The oral cavity is a complex subject that covers the study of many parts like the tongue, taste buds, throat, tonsils, and teeth. Good oral hygiene is not only limited to cleaning your teeth and getting restorations. To be able to get optimum oral health, you must also know how to protect your throat and tongue from possible infections. Regular dental care plans must also include the use of antiseptic gargles, most popularly known as mouth wash.

Professionals Approves Use of Mouth Wash

As recommended by professionals, it is very important to include the use of mouthwash in your daily oral care. Why? Simply because it helps you clean and disinfect the whole mouth and keep your throat from being infected and becoming swollen.

But with all the products claiming to be the best these days, how do you choose the right that will suit your personal needs? Sugar Land Dental Spa shares some of the most important considerations when buying a mouthwash:

It Should Be Alcohol Free

Products that contain alcohol may cause dangerous effects on the health of a regular user. It is quite harsh to delicate mucous membranes like the lips, gums, etc. Choose those that are alcohol free, which are safer to use on a regular basis. Remember that your gums are a delicate tissue too. The oral mucosa is sensitive as well. Don’t buy a mouth wash that seems to burn your oral tissues when you are gurgling it. It will not only produce discomfort but it can lead to a serious problem too.

Always Look for Cetylpyridinyum Chloride (CPC) as an Ingredient

CPC is a safe antimicrobial proven by a study completed in 2005. It is effective also in treating gum diseases. Tartar formation is likewise being controlled. CPC is said to be very effective in fighting bacterial formation in the mouth which means you don’t have to worry that much of bad mouth odor. Bad mouth odor is produced by these microorganisms.

Treats Sensitivity

A lot of people actually have sensitive teeth. If you are also nursing this kind of problem, make sure you pick a mouthwash that has ingredients meant to treat sensitive teeth and gums.

Just buying any brand from the market won’t help. There are a lot of other factors that should be considered before making a final purchase. It is very important to seek professional help for you to know your needs. While others just want to prevent bad breath, others need it as an anti-cavity regimen. Only experts, including Sugar Land Dental Spa can recommend one that is most suitable for you! Give them a call now!