Everyone knows that soda is bad for you because of all the sugar which slowly but surely decays the teeth, especially without a rinse. But what if we told you that even sugar-free drinks can’t save you from decay? The carbonation in soda and even sparkling water has the ability to erode teeth if you do not properly take care of them.


The Damages

Carbonated drinks are full of all different kinds of acid. In any given soda or sparkling water you will find phosphoric acid, citric acid or carbonic acid. The acid can eat away at enamel if kept in the mouth for long periods of time without brushing or rinsing. When consumed in large amounts, saliva’s natural calcium cannot remineralize fast enough and enamel will not rebuild.


Many carbonated drinks, like soda and energy drinks, have an addictive aspect that kids love and parents hate. In the case that children chose carbonated drinks as their main source of hydration, they miss out on the calcium intake from drinking healthier beverages such as milk. Until at least 18-years-old, a child’s bones are still growing and need a healthy amount of milk and calcium to stay strong but when carbonated drinks are the main beverage choice it creates a lower bone density.


How Do You Drink?

A major reason why carbonated drinks like soda can erode teeth at such a rapid rate has a lot to do with the way you consume them. If, when drinking, you let the drink sit in your mouth for sometime, you are allowing the sugar and acids to settle into the crevices of your teeth. Also, if you pull the drink through your teeth by keeping your jaw clenched, it increases the likelihood of acid and sugar sticking to the teeth. The best way to avoid decay is to drink through a straw and keep the drink away from your teeth at all costs. And, as always, be sure to rinse or have a glass of water after every finished soda.


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