Headaches are one of the top causes for chronic pain in Americans, mostly due to muscle tension and high stress. Did you know that your stress can be released through your bite causing severe and frequent headaches? The way your teeth are aligned in your mouth creates your unique bite which leads to dental stress and chronic headaches.


The Source of Tension Headaches


Dental stress can lead to the most common type of headache: a tension headache. Tension headaches can be described as a null, continual pain in a specific spot or encompassing the entire head, with a rubber band like feeling.. Your tension headaches may result from dental stress if you grind your teeth in your sleep, your jaw is frequently clicking or popping, feel pain behind your eyes, or you have an over sensitive scalp. These symptoms should be addressed by a dentist right away in order to find a solution to your dental stress tension headaches.

Two Causes of Tension Headaches

Tired Bite

Many dentists attribute the dental stress to what is called “tired bite.” In other words, your mouth is working much harder than it should to perform everyday activities, tiring out the jaw muscles leading to tension headaches. This can be a result of missing or misaligned teeth that affect the strength and ability for your mouth to properly close when swallowing or chewing.

Muscle Imbalance

As you know, your head is held up on top of your neck and spinal cord thanks to the muscles in your neck, shoulders and even jaw muscles. If any one of these muscles becomes overly tense, the others are forced to work harder to overcome the shortened, coiled muscle. A process called “referred pain” is experienced when the pain caused by the over worked muscles relocate into tension spots around your head to relieve pain from the main source.


If you are experiencing chronic headaches, you may be a victim of dental stress induced tension headaches. The dentists at Sugar Land Dental Spa in the Houston, Texas areas are trained professionals in dental health and improvement. Treatment may include jaw adjustment or teeth realignment in order to correct an overworking muscle. In any case, it is important to treat headaches before they begin to impair normal activities. Sugar Land Dental Spa will be able to help you identify the areas of discomfort and find a solution.