It’s that time of year again– mosquito season. The city of Sugar Land sprays for mosquitos from May through October, and although this greatly reduces the mosquito population, there are still many mosquitoes out there to burden our backyard barbeques and camping trips. I’m sure you’ve heard many ways to ward off mosquitoes, but which ones actually work? We’re here to help you survive mosquito season by finding out the facts.

mosquito season

Take Vitamin B12: Myth

Eating a B12 vitamin is said to help repel mosquitoes– but the truth is it’s just an old wives’ tale. It doesn’t address any of the actual reasons mosquitoes are attracted to people, which mostly have to do with odor. So, sorry, this one doesn’t work.

Avoid Dark Colors: Fact

Research has shown that mosquitoes are most attracted to the following colors: black, navy blue, and red. This is because it makes it easier for mosquitoes to zone in and target an individual wearing these colors. To reduce your attractiveness to these insects during mosquito season, opt for light colors. At the very least, this will keep you cooler in the Texas heat.

Drink a Beer: Myth

We’re not sure if this tip came about as a way to make partygoers drink more, but nonetheless, drinking a beer does not make you more repellant to mosquitoes. In fact, you are more likely to get bit after drinking a beer. It is likely because your skin becomes warmer and your breathing becomes heavier, which emits odors that attract mosquitoes. We’re not saying you should lay off the cold ones completely this summer; just don’t expect them to protect you from mosquitoes.  
bananas attract mosquitoes

Stop Eating Bananas, Start Eating Garlic: Myth

Another old wives’ tale you’ve probably heard is that you are more attractive to mosquitoes if you eat a banana and less attractive if you eat garlic. The reality is that nothing you eat actually affects your ability to repel mosquitoes. So go ahead and eat that banana, it’s good for you.

Protect Yourself During Mosquito Season in Sugar Land, Texas

The best way to protect yourself during mosquito season is to reduce exposure. This means covering up and avoiding the outdoors during mosquito feasting hours– from dusk until dawn. If you think that you are naturally prone to mosquito bites, you’re not crazy. Genetics play into your attractiveness because of the natural odors you emit. If this is the case, pay extra care in avoiding mosquito bites. And don’t forget to lather on the mosquito repellant and light the citronella.
This post is brought to you by A Beautiful Smile at Lake Pointe in Sugar Land, Texas. Nothing breaks a smile like a mosquito bite. Stay safe this summer.