When it’s anywhere but on the head, hair can be a nuisance. It can make you sweaty, itchy or even smell bad because it can harbor germs. The good news is that shaving, waxing and electrolysis are no longer the only options available for hair removal.

Laser treatment has established itself as a reliable form of hair reduction and has the popularity to prove it. Effective and long lasting, laser treatments dramatically reduce hair in these common areas:

Face: By far the most treated area for both men and women, the laser can target the upper lip, chin, sides of face and even ear hair in men. Facial skin is sensitive and may take a couple days to calm down after treatment, so schedule your sitting 2-3 weeks before a major event to play it safe.
Chest: Some men prefer to have a smooth chest. Waxing is incredibly painful and can sometimes scar the skin, so laser treatment is much preferred.
Bikini Area: Laser hair removal is much safer than a razor and can provide smooth, razor-bump-free results in a short amount of time.
Legs: For both women and men, leg hair is the easiest and fastest to remove. Leg hair tends to be coarse, though, making the treatment a tad more painful.

Laser hair removal technology works by targeting darker colors, so it is easiest to remove dark hair on light skin. But newer technologies have demonstrated success on dark hair on dark skins and light hair on light skins as well.

Laser hair removal will not damage the skin surrounding the hair follicle. There might be some slight reactions after the procedure, though, like itchiness, redness or soreness.

Laser hair removal is not for everyone. Contact our Med Spa to schedule your consultation with one of our aestheticians who can match you with just the right treatment. Call today.