When you’re a kid doing something you aren’t totally excited about can make two minutes seem like a lot longer. As an adult you’re able to recognize while brushing your teeth might not be the most exciting activity you hope to participate in that day, doing it for two minutes is necessary and worth it in terms of dental health. It can be harder to grasp this as a child. Two minutes brushing is two minutes that could have been spent playing! What don’t adults understand about this?! Well a few adults over at the Ad Council are trying to relate. This month they’ll be introducing an app called “Toothsavers,” a mobile game that is aimed at making oral hygiene a little more their speed.

The Appsugar land pediatric dentist

Toothsavers will consist of three different “games” that young children can experiment with. One feature will allow kids to hold their mobile device up to the mouths of friends and family and effectively “brush” their teeth with their fingers. While this might not teach them proper technique or instill in them some divine respect for oral health, it will help them keep dental hygiene in mind. Creators encourage parents to participate when their children are using the app and take it as an opportunity to reiterate the importance of things like brushing. So when your child holds an iPad to your face and pretends to brush your teeth, pay attention! This is an opportunity to remind them that brushing only really works the way it should when it’s done twice a day!

Another portion of the app will consist of a game where colorful characters defeat “cavity monsters” and dodge “teeth rotting spells.” Children will help “healthy” characters by brushing their way through the game. All in the name of good oral hygiene!

The third, and perhaps most useful, portion of the app will consist of a timer and calendar that helps kids keep track of their brushing and flossing. The more kids brush with the timer the more they’ll develop a sense for how long two minutes really is. Sometimes just watching the seconds tick by is enough to keep kids engaged. The app will include rewarding prizes and accomplishment markers the longer they go regularly brushing the way they should. In turn, skip brushing before bed and they’ll be reminded of the cavity monsters always lurking.

The app is aimed at children from the ages of 3-6 and is available for free in the app store. Remember that downloading it is not enough! Remind your child of the importance of doing the following regularly:

  • Brush twice a day. Once in the morning after waking up and once before bed. Every time you brush it should be for two minutes in a circular motion!

  • Floss once a day. Follow the curve of your teeth with the floss in a “C” motion. Young children may need help until they get the hang of it.

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