The new year has finally arrived and we are all eager to put our best face forward as we begin the journey into 2016. For many, this means rejuvenating their appearance in order to look radiant and youthful throughout the year. One of the easiest ways to achieve this look is through the use of wrinkle treatments. Whether you want to minimize your crows feet or tackle a few tough creases, wrinkle treatments provide an easy solution to achieve a flawless, refreshed look for the new year.  


What Are Wrinkle Treatments?

Wrinkle treatments are a series of injections into your skin that tighten the skin and soften the appearance of wrinkles. The most common treatments use either Botox or Juvéderm injections to obtain this look. If you haven’t had injections before, don’t be intimidated. Depending on the procedure it can take as little as fifteen minutes and you can return to work immediately after the treatment. Let’s compare the two forms of treatments so you can choose the best one for you.


Option 1: Botox

Botox injections work by relaxing the muscles around the face in order to achieve a softer, smoother look. Typically Botox is the best option for those with mild to moderate wrinkles, and the results usually last up to six months. This treatment can be performed in just fifteen minutes and the results will be seen within a couple of days. By far one of the most common wrinkle treatments, Botox produces satisfying results and tends to be the best option for many patients.


Option 2: Juvéderm

Juvéderm injections work in a different way than Botox. Juvéderm contains an FDA-approved filler gel that adds volume to the skin after injection and attaches to water molecules in order to maintain this volume. This procedure is recommended to those with moderate to severe wrinkles and the healing process takes a little longer than Botox–spanning from a couple days to a week depending on the procedure. If you have deep wrinkles that you have been longing to get rid of, this procedure may be the best option for you.  


How To Prevent Wrinkles

Even if you’re not quite ready for wrinkle treatments, or you’ve already had them done, taking the steps to further minimize and prevent wrinkles will produce positive results as you continue to face the new year. A few key prevention tips are to stay hydrated, use sunscreen, eat healthy and get a good night’s rest. These tips will help keep your wrinkles at bay, and are important even after you’ve received a wrinkle treatment.


For more information on wrinkle treatments and how they can benefit you, contact A Beautiful Smile at Lake Pointe in Houston, Texas to set up an appointment with our experienced dentists. We can provide you the perfect  way to start 2016 with a fresh face!