A beautiful smile can open doors and attract attention. It’s one of the first things that someone notices about you, making it so important to take care of. Too often, individuals are unhappy or embarrassed by their dingy smile, seeking treatment to whiten their teeth and brightening their smile.

The options for whitening teeth used to be isolated to the dentist’s office. Over time, over the counter options hit the market providing anyone the opportunity to whiten at home at a fraction of the cost. The question of course is; what works best?

As Dr. Jue will attest, over the counter treatments can be an effective way to whiten your teeth. They contain similar whitening agents when compared to professional procedures, though have them in significantly lower amounts. A drug store whitening product might take months of continued use to deliver any visible change, making it a potentially costly endeavor.

As one would imagine, the more expensive a whitening product is the more powerful or immediate the results will be. Many dentists agree that the Venus White Ultra product may be the best bang for your buck. At around $50 a box, this option has a significantly higher percentages of whitening product delivering a much more noticeable result. The downside is that these whitening trays must be worn for 8 hours a way, in order to be optimally effective.

Don’t have the time for that? Well, for an even higher price you can try LumiBrite, an even stronger option that delivers whitening in only 3 minutes a day. In addition to custom fit trays that you get from your dentist, this option will run about $300 per box.

If over the counter options aren’t for you, an in office whitening procedure may be just the thing. Priced between $250 and $500, these alternatives are among the most powerful, delivering up to 5 shades of improvement.

Lastly, for some patients a simple whitening may not do the trick. Uneven or worn down teeth may require serious dental work in order to return a smile to its former glory. It should also be noted that most insurance won’t cover this sort of extensive cosmetic dentistry, putting some individuals in a bind. Do they pay for the procedures they desire to correct their smile or are they forced to remain unhappy with their teeth?

As a third option, Dr. Jue recommends a “snap-on-smile.” This solution is quite literally a set of fake teeth that snaps over top of your current ones. Instantly delivering a brighter and straighter smile, this option will cost patients much less (around $2000), when compared to the alternative.

Whether you’re interested in an at home whitening option or feel it’s necessary to seek the aid of a dental professional, a brighter smile is always within reach. Give us a call today and we can discuss your options, and make an appointment.