Have you ever been sitting in the chair at the dentists office listening to the dentist list of names of everything occurring inside your mouth and been completely in the dark as to what you’re hearing? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. These trained professionals go to school for years to study everything about our mouths; teeth, gums, tongue and all.

While picking up dentistry after a handful of visits is far fetched, it never hurts to learn something new. Here is a little bit about the history of the term “cuspid” and how it found it’s way into your mouth.

Cuspid: Pronounced ‘Kuhs-Pid’

The term cuspid roots from latin term Cuspis, dating back to the early 18th century to define that which contains a point or an apex. In reference to the cuspid, it refers to a tooth which comes to a single point within the mouth. This can be recognized differently from particular molars who have multiple curvatures and apex’s.  cuspidteeth2

In most mammals, humans included, these single pointed teeth are very necessary for survival. Adapted through generations of evolution in predominantly predatory species, most carnivores have a variety of different cuspids to help them latch onto pretty and tear apart the coarse meats they consume for nutrition. Granted, most of our meals today aren’t fleeing from us and the meat is cooked and utensils are used.

While these cuspids have been vital for our survival throughout the years, we actually have a symbiotic relationship with them. This is because in order for these cuspids to survive in our mouth, they require our help. Brushing and flossing your teeth as frequently as possible, after meals and long nights of sleep, is vital to keeping them healthy and strong.

Healthy Teeth Start With Dental Appointments

Having your teeth professionally cleaned at least twice a year is very important to their survival throughout the our daily routines. Between the coarse foods we eat that get stuck between our teeth, and the acidic drinks we sip on that eat away at our enamel, its important to give your teeth a leg up.

If you are curious about our variety of dental procedures, or simply just need a professional cleaning, contact our office today. Call Sugar Land Dental Spa to schedule your next visit.