Orthodontics, also known as orthodontia or dentofacial orthopaedics, is a special branch of dentistry that deals with the diagnosis, correction or prevention of jaws and teeth that are malpositioned using braces or aligners. And basically, orthodontists are those specialists who carry out orthodontics.

Most people use the terms orthodontist and dentist interchangeably. However, this is not right as the two are actually different professions though there are similarities. Orthodontics is actually a specific kind of oral care. Both dentists and orthodontists can handle certain types of dental problems, and seeing only the dentist may be sufficient sometimes. You may never need to see an orthodontist. However, you need to understand who an orthodontist is, what they do, and why you might need them.

Definition of an Orthodontist

Generally, a dentist works with various parts of the mouth, which include the jaws, gums, teeth, and nerves. While an orthodontist works in a more specialized area. An orthodontist is mainly concerned with the straightening of teeth. So, it can be concluded that not all dentists are actually orthodontists but all orthodontists are dentists.

The orthodontists diagnose overcrowded mouths, misaligned teeth and jaws, occlusions, cross bite, underbite, open bites, and overbites. And after the diagnosis, they try to find a solution to any dental issue discovered. If these issues are left untreated for a while, they may grow worse over time. Sugar Land orthodontists are experts who repair these dental conditions.

What Do Orthodontists Do?

Orthodontist receive specialized training to fix misaligned teeth. Should in case your dentist refers you to an orthodontist, this means that your teeth are misaligned or not quite right. This is no big deal at all. All you would receive is a recommendation for metal braces, aligners, or any other method for straightening your teeth. Top Orthodontist A Beautiful Smile at Lake Pointe in Sugar land are here to help you.

One of the most important jobs of the orthodontists is to identify any issue with your mouth and teeth. A gap may appear in your teeth, known as diastema, and this will expand over time causing the teeth to suffer. This is why you need a tight alignment for your mouth and gums. Orthodontists will pull your teeth closer in order to correct such an issue. On the other hand, if you have too many teeth in your mouth (overcrowded mouth), this is also bad, especially for kids. An orthodontist  will extract the excess teeth so as to create a better space in your mouth.

Sugar Land orthodontist “A Beautiful Smile at Lake Pointe” makes use of various dental tools to solve these teeth misalignment issues. And one of the most common and famous tools is the Braces, though aligners are growing into popularity recently. These tools are wire bands used to ring the teeth. Orthodontists then bond brackets, which may be made of either metals or ceramic, onto the front of the teeth, and are connected to the bands with wires. What these tools do is to pull the teeth into their normal upright alignment, and straighten them over time. The teeth straightening process is not an immediate process, but it’s very effective.

Should in case the metal braces don’t offer a better option, the Sugar Land Dental SPA orthodontist may prescribe an aligner instead. Though there are several types of aligners, the best-known aligner is the Invisalign® aligner.

By design, Invisalign® aligners are not visible from a distance, this makes them unnoticed on your teeth, giving you’re a more attractive smile. Invisalign® aligners are easily removable, and they do not use metal wires or brackets. This is why some patient likes them.

But in some extreme cases, the orthodontist may use a palate expander instead. Just like its name, the palate expander expands the arch of the upper jaw and gives the area more space. Another tool that may be used by Orthodontist is the headgear. This is a more powerful solution for handling teeth misalignment. What this device does is that it connects the back of the head to a wire, which is in front of the mouth. Headgear works by pulling back the front teeth while slowing down the upper jaw from growing too fast.

How Much Training Does the Best Orthodontist Need?

The best orthodontist must first undergo the regular dental training, which generally requires 4 years of classes to graduate. Although most of the dentists stop commence practising after this training, but orthodontists must take more classes before they can start practising.

Orthodontists must undergo another 2 to 3 years of training in a dental school before they are qualified and licensed to practise as an orthodontist. It can be said that orthodontists are dentists with double training, but are mostly specialized in straightening of misaligned teeth.

In case you need the best orthodontist or a top orthodontist, contact us today. Our orthodontists have the best interests of patients at heart and would perform their best to restore your best smile as much as possible.