Health–including oral health–is something you should never take for granted. It’s important to find health professionals that genuinely care about their patients and use the most up-to-date technology in order to evaluate your health concerns. That’s why A Beautiful Smile at Lake Pointe uses cutting-edge panoramic dental X-rays in order to locate and diagnose dental issues.

A panoramic dental X-ray allows dental professionals to see your entire bite in one frame–the entire top and bottom jaw. The X-rays help dentists get a closer look at bite alignment, possible areas of tooth decay, and the jaw bones. Usually we recommend that patients get X-rays taken once or twice a year at their regular appointments.

Dental X-rays are crucial in diagnosing cavities, impacted wisdom teeth, and a misaligned bite. Though each of these dental issues are treatable, it’s best to diagnose them as soon as possible, particularly in childhood. If you’re interested in taking dental X-rays at your next scheduled check-up, contact A Beautiful Smile at Lake Pointe today.