Out of Town Patients

Travel Arrangements

We are proud to acknowledge Fine Lifestyles Travel Agency for all the gracious services they provide to our patient’s from Germany, Switzerland, Italy, England, Australia, South Africa and all our patients that fly in from around the US.


We are happy to make any necessary arrangements for all out of town patients. If you need a hotel reservation, car arrangements, transportation from the airport or anywhere in the area, we are glad to accommodate in any way we can. We want your stay to be comfortable. Our patients are number one in our office.

We are proud to say that we see only one patient at a time. Our office does not overbook or crowd people in. We book extended appointments so we can provide excellent service without taking up any more of your valuable time.

The Aim of Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry use light beams that are targeted at the ailing spot to solve a problem