Now that the holiday season is in full swing, it’s time to put some finishing touches on your holiday party get-up to make a statement at your next get together. If you prefer spending your holidays shopping like crazy for the ones you love, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed and stressed from making sure everyone is accounted for.


The holidays bring plenty of excuses for taking some personal time to care for yourself and stay mentally sane during the holiday season. It’s important to make sure you are happy while in the midst of doing whatever you can to satisfy others.


With the spirit of giving in mind, you should treat yourself to a little holiday de-stress therapy. Getting a facial is a great way to get an hour of relaxing treatment and still be able to get all your errands out of the way. Here are a few different types of facials you may want to consider depending on your needs and skin type.

Goodbye, Uneven Tones!


If you suffer from redness or blotchy skin and want to even out your tones to look great in those holiday party pictures, you may want to consider a type of facial that uses light treatments. These facials pinpoint areas that are discolored and improves them. They are typically used for patients with rosacea, or those who have lasting acne scars. Known as “photofacials,” these skin healers leave your face brighter and more even to build confidence.

Smooth Skin that Actually Lasts


Many women have unwanted facial hair that seems impossible to remove. Critics say never to shave for it will grow back quicker, others suggest waxing or threading which only lasts a few days before it begins to grow back. A new technology called dermaplaning uses a small, crystallized blade that actually scrapes off dead skin and hair leaving a fresh layer of skin that is smooth for weeks. Dermaplaning not only removes hair but it also evens out sun spots and small wrinkles.

Time to Relax


If you are less interested in the way your skin works and more interested in having at least an hour of quiet, personal time, you may want to consider an old fashioned facial massage. It is more and more common for spas to offer facial massages that include different types of rubs and salts based on your needs. The use of fruit peels like oranges leave you feeling fresh and reenergized. Try a steam shower to open up your pores to free the dirt particles. Having clean skin promotes a happier lifestyle.


If you or someone you know is in need of a facial to show of their skin or just needs to relax, contact A Beautiful Smile at Lake Pointe in Houston, Texas. Our Med Spa offers a variety of treatments to keep you feeling fresh during the holiday season.