Everyone knows that with the holiday season comes a never ending amount of holiday themed parties full of every sweet treat and savory snack imaginable. There is always at least five choices of cookies to choose from, not to mention the cheese dip (one with sausage, one without), or the trail mix undoubtedly filled with chocolate. Not many things bring people together like an endless amount of food and holiday decorations. The question is, how do you get through this festive season without cavities galore? The dentists at A Beautiful Smile at Lake Pointe don’t expect you to skip out on your favorite chocolate fountain just to keep your smile bright, so we suggest a few proactive tips and tricks to keep your sweet tooth free from cavities.


Protect with Sealants


A sealant is a mold-able plastic substance used to protect your teeth from plaque and bacteria build up on every surface of your teeth. Most adults have them already, but many don’t know that it is not just a one time procedure. The best way to keep your teeth from decaying is to periodically replenish your sealants to keep your teeth strong, especially when fighting against sugar overload. If it’s your goal to try every cookie on the dessert table this season, we applaud your tenacity. But first, make sure your teeth are fully protected so you can indulge guilt-free.


Get a Professional Cleaning


Before the holiday party parade takes off, get to A Beautiful Smile at Lake Pointe for a preventative, professional cleaning. All of the built up plaque from your Thanksgiving festivities will be removed, even down to the microscopic bacteria that is slowly but surely working down your enamel. This cleaning will give your mouth a clean slate to avoid deep rooted decay which can lead to infection. The cleaning finishes with a thorough polish to keep your smile white all season long and a fluoride rinse to coat your teeth and protect from future plaque build up.

Increase Your At-Home Oral Health Routine


This is a sure fire approach to a consistently healthy and bright smile. No matter the amount of sealant or fluoride used to protect your teeth long term, nothing will beat a daily scrub to remove plaque that builds up throughout the day and overnight. Find a toothpaste that matches your needs – a whitening ingredient to help with the stains or extra fluoride to combat soft teeth. Your toothbrush should be firm but proportional to the size of your teeth to avoid gum damage while brushing. If you are not an avid flosser, this holiday season should get you in the spirit to pick up the flossing habit again. Choose to spend five extra minutes cleaning those hard to reach areas. Your teeth deserve extra attention this season when hopping from one holiday party food table to the next.


Fear of decay should not keep you from celebrating wholeheartedly this season. If you are ready to indulge, contact A Beautiful Smile at Lake Pointe in Houston, Texas to set up a cleaning appointment. We can reseal your teeth, polish them to perfection and send you home with the right tools to keep your oral health fresh and clean all season long.