So, you brush your teeth twice a day everyday, you floss on a nightly basis, and you avoid sugary snacks. You definitely don’t need to visit the dentist right? Wrong. Even the most diligent tooth brushers need a professional cleaning at least twice a year. Some argue that this is a dental scam, but we assure you there are many reasons that a professional cleaning is important for everyone to partake in.


professional cleaning

Detailed Plaque Removal

There are two methods of plaque removal involved in a professional cleaning. The first method is through the use of ultrasonic instruments. These instruments vibrate plaque cells that are hard to reach with just a toothbrush and floss. The vibration causes the plaque cells to break down for a much easier removal.


The second method of plaque removal during a professional cleaning is by using scalers. Scalers are tiny, hook-shaped instruments that facilitate in removing the broken down plaque, and also smooth out the surface of your teeth. Even through regular brushing and flossing, this level of plaque removal cannot be achieved. A professional cleaning is the only way to remove this plaque and prevent buildup in the places that are hardest to clean.



Consider this similar to a blow-out for your teeth. Overtime, your teeth become dull, even if you are taking routine care. During a professional cleaning, your teeth will be polished with a rubber-like toothpaste. This will leave your teeth with a shiny, smooth finish that will make your smile radiate. Polishing is a great way to revive dulling teeth without getting your teeth whitened.


Fluoride Fix

During a professional cleaning, you will also receive a fluoride application. During this portion of your cleaning, a fluoride paste will be applied directly to your teeth and removed after about a minute. Fluoride acts as a protector to the surface of your teeth, and will help prevent future plaque build-up. Receiving this application allows for brushing and flossing at home to work more effectively in removing plaque.

We can’t stress the importance of receiving a professional cleaning at least twice annually. The misconception is that only those who are not diligent about their oral health should visit the dentist twice a year, but the truth is that those who do not brush and floss regularly should receive professional cleanings even more frequently than twice a year. To schedule your professional cleaning, contact A Beautiful Smile at Lake Pointe in Houston, Texas to set up an appointment with our experienced dentists.