The weather is warming up, which reminds us that summer is nearly upon us. While here in Houston that might induce some well-deserved groans, summer still means opportunities for us and our kids to get outside and play. Popular summertime physical activities include bicycling, baseball, soccer, volleyball, swimming and tennis.

While it’s great to play hard, you want to make sure you protect yourself and/or your children from any undue injuries–and that includes protecting the teeth. It’s not uncommon for teeth to be knocked out our damaged during sports (just ask professional soccer player Peter Crouch…), and restorative treatments can be costly and time-consuming.

The best defense for your smile is still a mouth guard. Mouth guards are small, plastic dental devices that are worn over teeth to protect teeth, tongue, gums, and cheeks from the effects of a hard blow to the face. They effectively absorb and distribute the force of the impact, so the injury to tissue and bone is minimal.

Modern mouth guards can fit snugly and securely, as they are uniquely molded to your teeth. The more comfortable and secure a mouth guard feels, the more likely you are to wear it. Not sure if you really need one? If you are involved in an activity that could result in an impact to the face or mouth, or if you must wear a helmet, then you need to wear a mouth guard. Come into our Sugar Land office to have a custom mouth guard made for you or your child.

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