A child that has an unhealthy mouth full of cavities is highly unlikely to find solace at the thought of visiting a dentist. The pain from tooth decay itself is one that is already hard to bear with, but the emotional impact to them could be greater than the physical pain itself.

However, the American Dental Association suggests that toddlers be brought to the dentist in order to educate the child and the parents on the proper habits to promote excellent oral health. Note that while a dentist may not be able to prevent cavities from forming, at least they can give you advice on how they form, and perhaps how you as a parent can prevent them. Dentists can suggest the proper diet, techniques and other information as to what causes cavities to happen – so better make the visit now than later, when they’ve already formed.

A child who has healthy teeth likely had a positive first dental visit – one that is marked by fun, praise and even celebration. Positively encourage your child before, during and after the visit, and make sure that the dentist makes your child feel comfortable. This way, your child won’t be hesitant to make a return visit – making it easy for you to maintain his or her dental health in tip top shape.

As such, here are some tips that you can observe when it comes to dental visits:

  • Plan the visit. Our dentists can do a quick, simple exam that won’t need any other treatment for your child. Chances are that your child’s cavities are easily workable under the hands of a skilled dentist. Look for someone who has years of experience in dealing with toddlers, so your child can be at ease with the dentist.
  • If your child has healthy teeth, then the visit should be complete yet quick. Furthermore, let the dentist give praises (if possible, give small tokens or gifts) to reinforce their positive dental habits
  • Don’t blame your child if the visit becomes tenuous – always encourage him or her about the perks of maintaining excellent oral health. Let your child have time.

Excellent oral health should start at an early age. Give your children the privilege and benefit of establishing good dental habits so they can carry it as they grow up. If you have questions or would like to request for a consultation, contact A Beautiful Smile today.