A recent video of a dad using a Nerf gun to pull out one of his daughter’s loose baby teeth went viral. Although many Internet users commended the father for being the “World’s Coolest Dad,” is this practice actually safe? It turns out, pulling loose baby teeth is not the way to go. Watch the video below, and learn why pulling loose baby teeth is actually harmful.



Pulling Loose Baby Teeth Increases the Risk of Infection

Typically, the roots of a baby tooth dissolve naturally, which causes the tooth to fall out on its own. Pulling loose baby teeth speeds up this process and severs the roots that haven’t yet been dissolved. This leaves a painful, bleeding open wound that also increases the risk of infection in the gums. This is one of the big reasons to let loose baby teeth fall out naturally, so as to decrease the risk of infection your child will have after losing a tooth.


It Causes Damage to Adult Teeth

A study conducted in Denmark showed that children who lost baby teeth before they were ready showed signs of damage to their adult teeth. The signs of damage included discoloration and  weakened enamel. This proves that not only does pulling loose baby teeth cause temporary damage to the gums, it also causes lifelong damage to underdeveloped adult teeth.


What to do With a Loose Baby Tooth

Instead of pulling or yanking the tooth, encourage your child to gently wiggle it instead. Gently wiggling baby teeth is safe. Don’t worry about your child accidentally swallowing the tooth; it’s completely fine if that happens. n fact, they probably won’t even notice at first. The only one left disappointed might be the tooth fairy.


A Sugar Land Dentist for Baby Teeth

It’s normal for parents to worry about their child’s incoming teeth. That’s why we’re here to answer your questions and settle your fears. If you have questions about your child’s loose baby teeth, or about how you can store your child’s teeth for the future, contact A Beautiful Smile at Lake Pointe in Sugar Land, Texas to schedule an appointment with our experienced dentists.