Dental Bridges

Injuries, tooth decay or tooth infection, getting a tooth pulled and gum disease can all cause unsightly gaps in your smile. If you find yourself covering up your mouth when you laugh to hide a missing tooth, you may be a candidate for a dental bridge.

Dental bridges are used to fill in gaps created by missing teeth. Bridges are usually composed of two crowns and a pontic, or false tooth. The two crowns are fitted onto the teeth surrounding the gap and serve as anchors for the pontic. The pontic is attached to the crowns and literally serves as a “bridge” to fill the space of the missing tooth.

The Dental Bridge Procedure

The procedure for a dental bridge begins with an initial visit in which the teeth surrounding the gap are prepared to accept crowns. Your dentist will then make an impression of your teeth to send into a dental laboratory, which will craft the crowns and pontic to meet your specific needs. At the second appointment, the permanent bridge will be fitted into place and adjusted for maximum comfort. Usually the bridge is attached with a cement that hardens slowly over a couple weeks. This slow bonding process gives you and your dentist time to observe and reposition the bridge if necessary. After a few weeks, the bridge will become a permanent fixture that can last up to fifteen years if properly cared for.

Advantages of Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are an ideal way to restore confidence in your smile. Filling in a missing tooth you lost from a tooth extraction or injury gives you pride in your appearance and allows you to smile without feeling embarrassed. Moreover, replacing a missing tooth can improve your speech, make chewing easier and prevent existing teeth from moving to fill a gap.


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