Fix on Six® Mini Dental Implants

Dental implants are rising in popularity around Houston, Texas, but the cost of a full set can be more than most are willing to pay. A Beautiful Smile at Lake Pointe in Houston offers mini dental implants that are more affordable than alternative solutions so you can enjoy a brand new smile without breaking the bank.

What are Mini Dental Implants?

Mini dental implants are an FDA approved method for fixed or removable dentures. Mini dental implants are very similar in function to traditional dental implants, but are less expensive and require minimal surgery and recovery time. Created with Titanium Alloy, the implants screw directly into the jaw bone. The only major difference between mini and traditional dental implants is the actual size of the implant and process of placement. Mini dental implants use a solid screw to connect the dentures to the jaw bone. Traditional implants require a longer procedure in which two screws are used instead of one.

Dr. Jue provides state of the art dental care through advanced technology which gives his patients an immaculate smile and satisfying experience every time they walk through the door.  

Why Fix on Six®?

Six mini dental implants is the optimal amount needed to convert removable dentures to fixed dentures in your mouth by stabilizing the jaw bone enough to hold everything in place. Four implants will firmly hold them in place but cannot mimic a permanent fixture that six implants can achieve. Those who previously did not have enough jawbone to receive traditional implants are in luck. Mini implants take advantage of their smaller size by being able to “fix” into the smaller areas of your mouth with less bone structure.

Mini Dental Implants

New, Improved, and Effective! “The Better Way to Do Dentures” 

Fix on Six Benefits

  • Less invasive

  • No cutting gums, or bleeding

  • Same day recovery