Gum and Periodontal Treatments

Gum disease is a common problem among dental patients that often requires professional treatment. Gum disease comes in two forms: gingivitis and periodontitis.

  • Gingivitis occurs when bacteria in plaque cause the gums to become inflamed. Gums infected with gingivitis bleed easily and often.
  • Periodontitis usually results from untreated gingivitis. With periodontitis, the inner layer of gum and bone pulls away from the teeth and little pockets form. These pockets collect debris within the mouth and can become infected. The body’s immune system then fights back against the infection and begins to break down the tissue and bone holding the teeth in place. Eventually the teeth can become loose and fall out.

Causes of Gum Disease

  • Poor Oral Hygiene – The best way to prevent gum disease is to brush and floss daily.
  • Poor Nutrition – A balanced diet will help your body to fight off gum infection.
  • Smoking – Cigarette smoke makes it more difficult for gum tissue to heal.
  • Illness – Some illnesses that interfere with your immune system can affect your gum condition.
  • Hormonal changes – Often hormonal changes due to pregnancy, puberty or menopause may make gum tissue more sensitive.

Gum Disease Treatment

Treatments for gum disease include surgical and non-surgical options carried out by your dentist or a licensed periodontist. Gingivitis can usually be treated with professional dental cleaning and improved oral hygiene. Additionally, dentists can use a non-surgical procedure called Scaling and Root Planing to scrape away plaque that’s built up underneath the gum line. The newly cleaned surface allows the gums to reattach to the teeth. More advanced surgical procedures may require the tools of a periodontist.

Periodontal Disease

If you think you may be suffering from gum disease, the first step is to make an appointment with your dentist. He or she will be able to recognize the signs of gum disease and prescribe a treatment plan accordingly.


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