Same-Day Crowns

Wouldn’t it be nice to fix your decaying tooth in one day? Now it’s possible with our same day crown solution! Many people experience tooth decay and if left untreated, the cavities will lead to tooth loss and gum disease. Our permanent crown solution will completely fill a cavity and protect them for more than double the time a metal crown can last.

The CEREC Solution

The CEREC method uses ceramic bondings that are tooth-colored with an examination, molding and placement in just one appointment.


The method is performed in the dental chair with the technology at the patient’s side.


It is cost-effective for both the patient and the dentist.


The cavity is filled, creating a stronger, more functional tooth than before.

of Esthetic

The fillings are tooth colored instead of silver or gold.


The stronger material forms to recreate the natural shape of your tooth.
With a new, one-day method, CEREC allows us to replace old fillings, fill new cavities, restore broken or decayed teeth, or even place veneers in a timely manner with beautiful, high quality results.

The CEREC Technology

Dentists that are qualified to create CEREC fillings have a specialized medical computer and camera that are easily transferable around the office, allowing ultimate comfort for the patient. Skipping the traditional step of molding by using the camera not only saves time, but also relieves the inevitable discomfort of an over-sized molding tray forced into your mouth. The computer runs the CEREC 3D Software which creates a digital map of your tooth. Once the images are acquired and the design is complete, the dentist sends the digital images to the “CEREC Milling Unit.”


The first step after designing the tooth, is creating a physical version of it using ceramic. The dentist or dental assistant will choose a block of ceramic in a shade that most accurately resembles your natural teeth. When the design is sent to the 3D printer, two diamond coated burs carve the ceramic block in the shape dictated by the design. Similar to an ink and paper printer, the burs follow the design layer by layer (or line by line) picking up every edge and groove. The milling lasts between 10 and 20 minutes, followed by a personal shape and polish by the dentist to ensure perfection, then the new tooth is bonded to your remaining tooth.

The Same-Day Appointment

The CEREC method can be fully completed in the same day with no lingering recovery time so you can get back to your life, fast.

Step 1: Examination

Your appointment will begin with the dentist performing a complete examination of the tooth or crown that needs assistance. At this time, the severity and technical needs will be determined depending on the overall health and size of the tooth. The dentist will choose the best method – filling, crown or veneer – and prepare the tooth for the procedure. A small dose of anesthetics may be provided to allow the dentist to swiftly and painlessly clean out the decay or infected tooth tissue and make room for the CEREC filling.

Step 2: Optical Impression

This procedure is an advanced version of the traditional “molding” which involves a thick, white substance and mouth guard. Instead of making a physical mold, the dentist uses a tasteless powder to cover the area then places a camera on it to make a digital impression of the tooth. The 2-day molding process has been tamed to only 2-3 minutes.

Step 3: Placement

Usually at this point in the crowning process, the dentist will provide a temporary crown until the permanent one is ready at your next appointment. Instead, the dentists at A Beautiful Smile at Lake Pointe use the CEREC 3D Software to create a 3D model of your new tooth on the computer.  Once any discrepancies are eliminated on the screen and your tooth design is complete, a click of a button sends the design to a 3D printer, loaded with a ceramic block, that prints out an exact replica of the 3D design. Within minutes your dentist will return with a fully functioning ceramic crown the same shade as your teeth!

Schedule Your CEREC Filling Appointment

Having a cavity no longer has to be a long process of multiple dentist visits. If you have a cavity or need a crown replacement, call A Beautiful Smile at Lake Pointe in Sugar Land, Texas. In the same day, we will remove your existing crown or decay and replace it with a ceramic crown that will blend perfectly with your smile, leaving you cavity free for years.