It’s official: the Spring wedding season is here and you’re probably searching for ways to reward your entire bridal party for standing by you on your big day. Between pedicures, facials, and other treatments to ensure aesthetic perfection on your wedding day, we suggest making a trip to the dentist a checkmark on your to-do list. If you’re a bride-to-be looking for ways to reward your bridal party before your big day, learn how the gift of beautiful smiles can help make your wedding day sparkle that much more.


reward your bridal party

Better Pictures

Why is one of the top pieces of wedding-planning advice to splurge on an experienced wedding photographer? Because pictures and videos are the best way to relive your big day. There’s nothing worse than receiving a book of lackluster pictures that don’t fully capture the excitement of your wedding day. One way to reward your bridal party with a flawless smile in every shot is to give the gift of a perfectly white smile.


It’s Quick and Painless

With new technology, whitening treatments like Zoom! take less than an hour and leave your smile nearly 8 times whiter. This means that you and your entire bridal party can have whiter smiles in between spa day appointments.


white smiles for your wedding party

The Gift That Keeps Giving

At-home whitening treatments take weeks to see results, which will quickly fade once you stop applying the treatment. Zoom! whitening lasts several weeks with proper care. This means that your entire bridal party will have beautiful smiles that will last for weeks after your wedding. With a gift that lasts this long, it’s a great way to reward your bridal party before your big day.


Free Zoom! Whitening for Brides at A Beautiful Smile in Sugar Land, Texas

At A Beautiful Smile in Sugar Land, Texas, we understand the importance of flawless smiles for your entire bridal party on your big day. For this reason we offer ½ off on bridal party whitening, and even a free whitening treatment for a bride with a bridal party of over 4 people. If you are getting married this Spring wedding season, contact A Beautiful Smile in Sugar Land, Texas to schedule a whitening appointment to reward your bridal party.