Your eyes are your most distinct feature–are you doing everything you can to play up their beauty? Mascara and curlers can only get you so far, especially if your lashes are naturally thin and short.

Thankfully, there’s never been a better time to consider lash extensions. No longer just for celebrities or Miss America contestants, eyelash extensions can give you longer, darker lashes that beautifully — and naturally — frame your eyes and brighten your whole appearance. The key is to get mink lash extensions, which are completely soft and natural.

Trying to decide between mink and synthetic lashes? Here’s a quick comparison:

Mink Extensions are practically weightless extensions that are placed one-by-one on your eyelid at different angles to mimic the dimension of your natural lashes.They are hypoallergenic and cruelty-free (the minks are simply brushed for loose hairs). It’s easy to customize mink lashes to the kind of look you are trying to achieve, whether that’s more dramatic or more natural. Mink lashes have a curl that will hold but will be less uniform than their synthetic counterparts. When applied by an experienced professional, these lashes will be resistant to water, sweat, tears and sleeping, and will last for two months or more!

Synthetic Extensions are slightly thicker and heavier than mink lashes, so some natural eyelashes won’t be able to support them. Synthetic lashes can be soft but can sometimes have a stiff, “fake” look. They maintain a perfect curve at all times, which is a put-off to some women. Synthetic lashes typically do not last as long as mink extensions.

As we age, we lose eyelash volume and overall facial contrast, making us look older than we feel. Mink eyelash extensions will help you look younger and more radiant in just one 90 minute session. What are you waiting for?

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