Despite how clean and healthy you keep your teeth, there are some factors you just can’t control. Braces are an option to help guide the growth of your teeth as they fall into place, but even the most state of the art correctional technology that was available decades ago could only go so far. As a result, some of our famous stars grew up with some very recognizable tooth gaps.  gapteeth2

Three Famous And Spacious Smiles

3. Madonna

One of the most influential names in pop music history, Madonna has made her face and performance a worldwide phenomenon despite the uncorrected tooth gap she proudly displays.

2. Woody Harrelson

Cherished on the screen for many award winning performances, Woody is well known for his rugged and ‘manly’ looking face accompanied by a recognizable tooth gap.

1. Michael Strahan

Whether you’re an avid sports fan or just happen to occasional glance over at an ESPN broadcast, you’ve probably seen this ex-professional football player’s world famous tooth gap.

Correcting Your Tooth Gap

While many people are completely content with their smile and state of their appearance, that is not to say some people would feel a bit more confident in their smile and self reflection with straight and flush teeth. Whatever your oral preference is, our office can help.

Whether you’re looking for a complete tooth overhaul, a simple cleaning and filling, or just a relaxing facial treatment, our oral health and spa can provide the services you need. Contact Sugar Land Dental Spa today to schedule your next appointment.