Having a perfect smile is desirable, but can be expensive if you are not genetically blessed or have the means to correct it. There are many procedures and dental techniques that can be completed to fit an undesirable smile, but many of them are pricy. If you are looking for a more inexpensive option you may be interesting in seeing your dentist about Snap On Smiles. Similarly to many other smile fixing procedures, a Snap On Smile will give your smile the appearance of being perfect, for a fraction of the cost.
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What They Are

Snap On Smiles are a non-invasive, affordable way to give your smile a better appearance. Snap On Smiles are a thin, removable cosmetic arch that fits perfectly over your teeth, no matter what state they are in. The arches are designed to cover your entire top or bottom arch. The dental resin that Snap On Smiles are made out of are thin yet extremely strong. You will be able to eat and drink most foods while wearing your custom piece. Snap On Smiles can even cover any caps, crooked teeth or missing teeth as well as any staining that is set on natural teeth. Snap On Smiles are also extremely comfortable to wear; tooth sensitivity is not an issue. Putting a Snap On Smile in place is painless and can give your smile a makeover in just seconds. These artificial snap-on smiles can be fitted in just two visits to your dentist, or a dentist that offers Snap-On-Smiles.

This technique is perfect for individuals who are currently unhappy with their smiles and cannot afford to pay an extreme amount of money for cosmetic dental procedures. They are also perfect for any individuals who may not be a candidate for dental implants or bridges. If you have an older, more old-fashion denture partial, you might be able to give it a revamp with Snap On Smiles. Though Snap-On-Smiles are a great option for most individuals, and can be worn by most ages, there are a few drawbacks.

The Drawbacks

There are few negatives about wearing a Snap On Smile but there are a few to be expected with a removable cosmetic arch. For example, though you can eat many foods while wearing a Snap-On-Smile it is not recommended that you chew gum or eat any sticky foods. The stickiness may pull the cosmetic arch away from your teeth or cause them to shift.

There also may be a short adjustment period that lasts about two weeks. Like braces, dentures and many other dental adjustment procedures and techniques, Snap On Smiles  may cause for a person to have to adjust to having an unfamiliar item over their teeth. A person may experience a change in speech or a small bit of extra salivation during this adjustment period. However, once adjusted speech will return back to normal and your mouth will become adjusted as well.

Snap On Smiles also require special care that regular teeth do not require. They must be cleaned in a special solution that will be given to you by your dentist after your Snap-On-Smile is properly fitted. After the solution runs out, you must get refills from your dentist. They may not be brushed with regular toothpaste.

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