Today oral science is leaps and bounds beyond where it was just a decade ago. There are so many advancements in oral health and hygiene, thus creating more and more effective ways to keep our teeth safe and free of disease, infection, or discomfort and deformity. One of these advancements that is taking the oral health community and it’s patients by storm is that of the dental sealant.

What Are Dental Sealants?

Dental Sealants are tiny thin layers of filament that is placed around your tooth to coat the hard to reach areas such as critical grooves or depressions in your teeth. This little coating of sealant is placed over the chewing portion of teeth, meaning the top of your back molars where most of the heavy chewing is done. This provides a barrier to keep from food and germs getting caught in the tiny grooves which could breakdown and promote bacterial growth.

Even though it is still recommended that you brush and floss daily, these techniques can only be so effective for some people to get all of the foreign invaders to their teeth out of their mouth. As a result, oral hygiene researchers have developed these tiny films to be used as sealants in children and young adults so as to save their teeth from future decay that could plague their enamel. While adults are usually well aware as to whether or not their mouths are decay and bacteria free, they can still be active candidates to receive dental sealants.

Should I Get Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants are considered a still considered a general dentistry technique, although their application is usually upon one’s own volition thus often being presumed a cosmetic procedure. Regardless of whether you or your dentist is the one pushing for dental sealants, it’s a definite great option to consider. Application can be done in just a matter of a single visit and has lasting protective effects upwards of 5 years.

It is typical that younger children get the sealants done to their permanent molars just as soon as they begin to develop so as to protect them from being vulnerable to fast acting plaque and bacteria. Since children have a harder time keeping their mouths clean, sealants are promoted to them in order to keep their teeth well and healthy.

As children and young adult’s teeth develop, their health and structure plays a vital role in the proper placement and spacing of how they will turn out as they get older. That is why sealants can be used as added protection so as to reduce the risk of further complications down the road. If you are concerned with having dental sealants applied to either your child’s mouth or your own, contact Sugar Land Dental Spa today to schedule an appointment.