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What Do the Tooth Fairy And the Stock Market Have in Common?


Can the Tooth Fairy Predict the Direction of the Economy? Since 1998, Delta Dental, a dental insurance provider, has been conducting “The Tooth Fairy Poll”. This poll began as a fun way to see how generous the tooth fairy had been in 1997. In the first year, delta Dental conducted 1,300 email interviews across the [...]

What Do the Tooth Fairy And the Stock Market Have in Common?2018-11-27T04:31:25-06:00

7 Habits that Can Harm Your Child’s Teeth


The American Dental Association explains that baby teeth (primary teeth) enable children to chew and talk, and they also make way for the permanent teeth growing under the gums. Your child’s teeth are incredibly important.   Maintaining healthy baby teeth makes way for health, straight permanent teeth. When your child’s permanent teeth come in, it’s [...]

7 Habits that Can Harm Your Child’s Teeth2019-01-09T05:37:24-06:00

Teaching Your Kids Proper Oral Hygiene


If you want your child to have a mouth full of straight, healthy teeth, you should start early. Teaching children about oral hygiene in their early years is essential for helping them develop healthy dental habits later in life. Here are a few ways you can teach your children how to keep their teeth healthy: [...]

Teaching Your Kids Proper Oral Hygiene2019-06-10T03:47:50-06:00


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