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Dental Sealants: Protect You From Decay


Your molars and premolars can be hard to reach and hard to clean due to their grooved surface. These teeth can be prone to cavities and decay, so dental sealants are often applied to tooth surfaces. Dental sealants are plastic coatings that are put on the surface of the tooth, that is usually used for [...]

Dental Sealants: Protect You From Decay2018-11-15T09:38:16-06:00

Common Causes of Bad Breath, and How to Combat Them


There is nothing as embarrassing as bad breath. People who suffer from this condition, otherwise known as halitosis, have difficult social lives. It is so disheartening to go for a date, only for it to turn sour thanks to bad breath. Talking to people while suffering from this condition can result in much agony, as [...]

Common Causes of Bad Breath, and How to Combat Them2018-11-18T07:54:09-06:00

iPhone Cavity Detection: TPLI


Is your iPhone the key to the early detection of cavities? How many cavities can you look back on and say, “If only I had known about this sooner”? A leading-edge thermophotonic lock-in imaging (TPLI) technology out of Toronto, Canada is paving the way for everyday consumers to be able to self-detect cavities and tooth [...]

iPhone Cavity Detection: TPLI2018-11-19T08:45:15-06:00

Natal Teeth: My Newborn Has Teeth?


Some babies are born with hair, some are born without. The presence or absence of hair is something expecting mothers have thought about. But do these mothers anticipate their baby being born with teeth? One of every 2000-3000 newborns develops teeth in the womb, or quickly after birth. What are natal teeth, and what should [...]

Natal Teeth: My Newborn Has Teeth?2018-11-19T09:27:36-06:00

Why Are People Moving Away from Fluoridated Water? (Part 2)


On one hand, you could make the case that fluoridated water is an effective mass preventative health measure for citizens. However, on the other, you can make a case that fluoridated water is hazardous to your well-being. Public water sources have been adding fluoride since the 1940’s, but people have objected ever since. Some of [...]

Why Are People Moving Away from Fluoridated Water? (Part 2)2018-11-26T05:48:59-06:00

A Bottle-Opening Dental Implant?


IMPORTANT: Do not try to open a glass bottle with your natural teeth. Don't even think about it —they will break. It'll hurt, and you'll be sitting in a dentist chair shortly thereafter. Ever think you'd be able to use your teeth to open a bottle? Seems farfetched, doesn't it? There's a new dental implant [...]

A Bottle-Opening Dental Implant?2018-11-15T10:09:32-06:00

3 Ways to “Brush” Your Teeth Without A ToothBrush


  You might find yourself without a toothbrush one of these days. You might realize it at the airport security checkpoint while traveling out of state. Or you could have forgotten to bring your bathroom supplies while staying at a friend's house. Is that going to stop you from brushing your teeth? Just say no! [...]

3 Ways to “Brush” Your Teeth Without A ToothBrush2018-11-15T10:02:27-06:00

5 Questions to Ask Your Dental Hygienist


  Whether you have been visiting the same dental office for years or you are changing dentists, there are a few questions that you should ask your dental hygienist during every visit. The following 5 questions will guide your conversation and guarantee that you communicate relevant information during dental checkups:   1. Are the medications [...]

5 Questions to Ask Your Dental Hygienist2018-11-27T04:35:10-06:00

Summer Vacation and Your Dental Health


Summer is fully upon us and so is the Texas heat. For many people, summer offers the ideal time to take a vacation. According to Statistic Brain, around 45% of Americans take a summer vacation; that’s over 144 million traveling Americans!   Unfortunately, when packing for a trip, dental health is often overlooked. Maintaining good [...]

Summer Vacation and Your Dental Health2019-01-09T05:33:14-06:00