When you look at a smile, you may simply see rows of white, radiant teeth. However, there is more to a tooth than its glowing appearance. Have you ever thought about what forms the structure of your teeth? There are multiple layers to the human tooth, each one serving its own purpose. To better understand how each part of the tooth affects you, read on to learn about the anatomy of the adult tooth.

The Structure of an Adult Tooth

The Enamel

When it comes to protecting your teeth, the enamel is on the front line! The enamel is the hard, outermost layer of the tooth. In fact, this tough protective shell is the hardest tissue in the human body. Unfortunately, the enamel cannot be restored once it is damaged. Because damage to the enamel is permanent, patients should learn to protect the tooth enamel. Once bacteria corrodes through the enamel, the tooth’s dentin becomes exposed.

The Dentin

The dentin of the tooth rests just behind the enamel. The majority of the tooth consists of the dentin’s bone-like structure, responsible for giving each tooth its unique shape. When the dentin is exposed, the tooth becomes vulnerable to decay. The dentin gives the tooth its color, and tooth stains occur on the dentin of the teeth. The dentin protects the tooth’s innermost layer: the pulp chamber.

The Pulp Chamber

The pulp chamber, or pulp cavity, rests at the core of each tooth. This chamber contains the blood vessels, tissue, and nerves (collectively referred to as the ‘pulp’) of each tooth. The pulp is responsible for giving the tooth the nutrients it needs, such as the calcium you get from dairy products. If decay reaches the pulp chamber, the patient will likely develop a root canal. Because the pulp chamber contains the nerves of the tooth, extreme pain or discomfort in the teeth likely originates from the pulp chamber.

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