In the past decade, oral piercings–usually the tongue or lip–have become increasingly popular. However, this trend sometimes comes with consequences. The risk of oral infection cracked teeth, and gum disease significantly increases in individuals with oral piercings.

Any time the skin is broken, there is a risk of infection. However, oral piercings are particularly dangerous because of the amount of natural bacteria in the mouth. Piercing the sensitive mucous membranes that line the mouth can introduce bacteria to the bloodstream, putting the patient at risk for both bacterial infection and endocarditis. The likelihood of developing gum disease also skyrockets, as piercings and jewelry may irritate the gum line and lead to bleeding. Additionally, we frequently see patients who have cracked a tooth from biting down on a tongue piercing.

We recommend avoiding oral piercings altogether. However, if you do choose to pierce your tongue, lip, or cheek, be sure to seek out a professional, health-certified piercing parlor. Contact A Beautiful Smile at Lake Pointe if you have experienced any of the dangers of piercing so we can help you.