Humphrey Bogart. George Harrison. Babe Ruth. Lana Turner. Sammy Davis Jr. Roger Ebert. Eddie Van Halen. Ulysses S. Grant. Wondering what they have in common?

All suffered from oral cancer.

While it might not be as well known as other forms of cancer, oral cancer is prevalent in our nation: each year the disease is responsible for approximately 13,500 deaths. Of the 42,000 people who will be newly diagnosed this year with oral cancer, studies show that only 57% of them will be alive in five years.

The high death rate is especially tragic because the cancer is not particularly difficult to detect or diagnose; it’s because it is often discovered late in its development.

In the early stages, signs of oral cancer may go unnoticed by the patient, although such signs are often in plain sight. Signs like patches, swelling or thickening may appear—but they often do not produce pain or other symptoms, and so are dismissed.

Too often oral cancer is diagnosed when it has developed and metastasized to another location —  usually the lymph nodes of the neck. When diagnosed at a later stage, the primary tumor has had time to invade deep into local tissues.

Here at A Beautiful Smile at Lake Pointe, we take oral cancer screenings seriously. At every dental exam we conduct a visual and manual inspection to check for early signs of oral cancer. If anything is found, Dr. Jue can then recommend a biopsy.  Just a five minute screening could end up saving your life.

Dr. Jue and his team care about your smile but also your overall health and well-being. To schedule your next appointment, fill out our contact form or call us at (281) 549-5177.