Laser hair removal is a wonderful procedure in which unwanted hair is zapped away. In just a few sessions, unwanted hair is eliminated and the idea of shaving will be a distant memory. Most people are under the impression that unwanted hair is eliminated after only one laser hair removal session, when it actually usually takes 3-5 sessions for the hair to truly be gone. After each session, the color of the hair is lighter and the texture of the hair is thinner until the hair ultimately is no more. However, different things can affect the procedure results, and not everyone has the same experience. For example, the coarseness of hair, the color of hair, the photosensitivity of skin and hair, taking certain medications and a person’s hair growth cycle can all affect the results of a laser hair removal treatment. Discussing your skin and hair before undergoing hair removal treatment with a doctor is recommended.

The Most Frequently Treated Areas For Laser Hair Removal With Womenshutterstock_74615578

  • bikini

  • underarms

  • legs

  • upper lip

  • chin

  • arms

The Most Frequently Treated Areas For Laser Hair Removal With Men

  • back

  • neck

  • shoulders

  • ears

Before contacting your doctor, view the pros and cons below to see if going through a hair removal treatment is right for you!

The Pros of Laser Hair Removal:

  • Skin is softer after laser hair removal treatments. Most people reported that after shaving their hair begins to grow back in around 3 days. With a few hair removal sessions, stubble will be no more.

  • Fewer ingrown hairs occur after hair removal treatments. Since most of hair is being lightened and eliminated, the chances of getting ingrown hair are also reduced.

  • The treatment is precise. If there is a certain area with darker and more coarse hair, the area can be targeted without damaging the surrounding skin.

  • The treatment is quick. Hair removal lasers typically treat areas the size of an American quarter every second. Therefore, smaller areas, such as the upper lip, can take around a  minute or less. Larger areas, such as the back, can take around an hour.

  • Most who do undergo hair removal treatment see great results and have significantly lessened their hair after 3-5 treatments.

The Cons of Laser Hair Removal:

As stated above, most people who have removal treatments see great results and have significantly lessened their hair after 3-5 treatments. However, some need to add sessions in order to receive the desired results. The cost of the treatment(s) rely on several factors, the main one being the number of sessions needed. The other factors include: the size of the area and whether or not a doctor is performing the treatment. This can cause the price to rise, and these treatments can end up being on the pricy side. Another con is the possible side effects of the treatment. For a day or two following the treatment, skin will appear and feel as if there is a sunburn present. Cold compresses can help ease discomfort but this can still be uncomfortable and annoying for those who pursue this treatment option. Blisters are rare when it comes to laser hair removal, but getting them is a possibility. Those with darker complexion are more prone to developing blisters after a laser hair removal treatment. Swelling and scarring is also rare but a possibility.

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