There has been a lot of speculation on whether or not teeth whitening is safe. Everyone wants a whiter smile, but is the process worth it? We think yes! There has not been significant evidence to say that whitening your teeth is bad for them.laser dentistry, new dental tools


Risks Associated With Whitening

The only current risks are the possibility of tooth sensitivity and gum irritation. This is most commonly brought on by keeping the whitening agent on teeth for too long. Tooth sensitivity brought on by whitening can be lessened by using toothpaste made for sensitive teeth. Gum irritation will lessen on its own. If the irritation is persistent, stop whitening for a few days until the inflammation goes down.


How To Get The Most Out Of Your Whitening

The best way to get the whitest smile is to schedule a teeth cleaning before you whiten, whether it be at home or at the dentist’s office. The dentist appointment can help you discover whether or not you should hold off on whitening. If you have cavities or other gum irritation, it is best to wait until these are taken care of or it may worsen your pain. Other cracks in teeth can lead to internal damage, therefore going to the dentist, prior to a whitening, is extremely important. The dentist can also give you their options and prices for whitening procedures.

Brushing and flossing often can help keep teeth whiter, longer. If teeth are clean and free of plaque, the whitening agent can reach and bleach teeth more easily.

Follow instructions exactly as they say or tooth whitening can be a painful experience. Leaving the agent on for too long can cause irritation and discomfort. Whitening agents can also wear down tooth enamel and give teeth a look of being transparent if not used properly. Avoid acidic beverages and food after whitening, it can cause sensitivity, irritation and could possibly alter the results of the whitening agent.


Who Should Not Be Whitening

  • Pregnant women and nursing mothers: gums are more sensitive during pregnancy and while nursing, avoid whitening during this period. There has been no evidence suggesting that accidentally swallowed whitening agents can cause the baby-to-be harm, but there is also no proof saying that it will not.

  • People with receding gums:  it may be painful to get the whitening agent on the exposed roots.

  • People with fillings and other dental  restorations: the whitening agent will react poorly with the restorations and cause an unevenness in the whitening.

  • Anyone with gum disease: Whitening may be painful.

Tooth whitening is a very desired and widely used beauty technique by men and women alike. Tooth whitening can become addictive if the desired results are reached. Therefore, use caution when whitening. Whitening can bring great results, and has no real health risks. If you have any questions regarding whitening procedures, whether they be over the counter or in office, the staff at Sugarland Dental  Spa can help. Our office is located in Sugarland, Texas and the office can be reached at  281-549-5177.