Easter is here, meaning that homes are colorfully decorated in pastels and children are eagerly searching for hidden eggs left behind by the Easter bunny. It’s hard to avoid sugary treats during this celebration. So, we will outline the most sugary Easter candies to avoid, and you can indulge in the rest (just this once). Just remember to brush, floss, and rinse afterwards.


sugary easter candies to avoid


Deemed one of the most notorious novelties of Easter, it may seem nearly sacrilegious to deny yourself Peeps. These colorful little birds and bunnies are about as sugary and nutrition-free as a snack can get. The top ingredient in Peeps? Sugar. With over 6.8 grams of sugar per single Peep, it’s easy to see how Peeps can add up quickly, making them the number one most sugary Easter candies to avoid.


Solid Milk Chocolate Easter Bunny

Another staple of Easter tradition is a chocolatey Easter bunny. It’s second on our list of the most sugary Easter candies to avoid because there are nearly 100 grams of sugar per bunny. Although most people don’t finish an entire bunny in a day, there are many that dare to try. If you absolutely must go for a chocolate bunny, try dark chocolate instead.


easter snacks

Jelly Beans

It’s tradition to fill colorful Easter eggs with equally colorful jelly beans. The only problem is that there are 27 grams of sugar per 10 jelly beans. We’re guessing that an Easter egg filled with anything fewer than 10 jelly beans is a disappointment to eager children on the Easter egg hunt. Instead, opt to fill them with less-sugary treats. Or, fill them with other goodies, like quarters or coupons to “stay up an extra 30 minutes past bedtime.”


A Sugar Land Dentist for a Healthy, Beautiful Smile

We know that holidays like Easter make it hard to resist sugary candy. We’ve compiled this list of the most sugary Easter candies to avoid in order to help your smile stay healthy and beautiful this Easter. Regardless, it’s probably best to schedule a routine check-up after a weekend of bingeing on sweet treats. Contact A Beautiful Smile in Sugar Land, Texas to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced dentists and keep your smile healthy all year long.