You’ve probably heard the term before, whether in regards to your own face or someone else’s. The small wrinkles that form in the corners of your eyes, otherwise known as crows feet, can be a bit of an eyesore, no pun intended. While some crows feet are very small and and unnoticeable except for the adamant mirror gawker, it is common that crows feet are rather large and pestering; making eyes look tired and sore and bringing the look of ages that have not yet been reach.

These small wrinkles on the outsides of one’s eyes are referred to as crows feet because of their shape. They are small in size, start at the very side point of an eye, and begin to branch out in stems of 3 or 4, looking most like a bird’s footprint. Because of the negative connotation that crows get as pestering birds, they are the bird that has over time been deemed the name of these unwanted eye marks. But they aren’t inevitable and don’t usually appear for no reason. Here are three common causes of Crow’s Feet:

Sun Exposure

Spending extended amount of time in the sun may give you the darker tan look you’re hoping for, but it doesn’t always come without baggage. The skin on your face is very sensitive and more porous and thin. Thus, longer amount of time in the sun’s ultraviolet rays will dry out the sides of your eyes and cause wrinkles to form.


Believe it or not, that quick stress reliever may be the root of your more stressful look. Studies show that smoking nearly doubles your skin’s aging process, leaving your pores to begin discoloring and looking more rough and textured, which is a catalyst for heavy wrinkles.

Facial Muscle Contractions

All that frowning and stressful brow folding can take a bigger toll on your body than just your mood. By stressing those muscles in your face to contract and make those faces more often, you’re actually breaking down already fragile muscle tissue in your cheeks and eyes. As a result, crows feet will begin to appear from weakened facial muscles.

Crows feet are often unwanted by many people because of their connotation that someone looks old. While they actually cause no harmful health effects, it is understandable why people would like them treated. That is where are medspa comes in to help. If you are looking for a simple treatment to relax and moisturize your face, as well as relieve some of those eye wrinkles, contact the Sugar Land Dental Spa today and make a med spa appointment.