Oral care involves taking good care of your tooth, gums, and other related structures. It does not only include restorations, but also prevention. In several cases, people may suffer from periodontal diseases because of laziness and ignorance, with mostly the kids and sometimes even the elderly who do not pay close attention to their teeth and oral hygiene.

A lot of people fail to realize that oral health is very important to keep you safe and sound. It is not only significant to make you good looking, but it is essential to attain optimum health and well-being. There are certain studies that have been conducted which prove that poor oral hygiene can lead to other diseases. According to an article from Webmd (source: http://www.webmd.com/oral-health/features/healthy-teeth-healthy-heart), though it is not yet clear, there are thread of proof and evidences that poor dental hygiene may lead to heart disease or disorder. Gum diseases show one primary sign which is inflammation. In heart diseases, there is hardening of the blood vessels which is primarily demonstrated by inflammation too.

As stated by the experts, diet can be among the commonest reasons why your teeth are being damaged or perhaps change color. Dark colored foods are definitely the greatest offenders, as their effects pile up through time and become irreversible. The colors come from chromogens or pigmented molecules. These latch on the enamel causing color change and damage.

Colored and acidic drinks

Coffee, wine, tea, and other sports drinks are the main offenders in this group. These drinks contain high amounts of acids and they etch on the enamel making it rough. This new surface will easily pick up stains and are very hard to remove.


Sauces are dark colored and are very acidic. They do have important staining powers but regular cleaning can help control stains.

Fruits like berries

These are very nutritious but they likewise contain highly colored molecules that are attracted to the enamel.

Of course it may not be too realistic to cut out all these foods from your usual diet. What you can do is to not let the items remain in your mouth for longer periods of time; instead swallow them quickly and wash your mouth immediately.

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