We need water to help keep us hydrated, but – depending on your source – the water you drink can cause tooth discoloration. This affects young and growing kids typically. To help you and your growing children maintain a healthy smile, avoid drinking the following types of water.


Types of Water That Cause Tooth Discoloration

Fluoride-rich water can have an impact on kids’ teeth especially while they are still developing (eight and younger). Fluoride occurs naturally in water but becomes a problem when it exceeds 2 parts per million.  Taking into much fluoride can lead to a condition known as fluorosis which causes a brown staining of the teeth.


Hard water also causes teeth to stain. The presence of excess magnesium and calcium in the water affects the tooth enamel and can lead to tooth discoloration.  Water softeners paired with a faucet filtration system can improve the quality of your water making it better for your body. Fortunately, treatment for tooth discoloration is relatively easy.


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Tooth Discoloration Treatment

Tooth discoloration caused by fluorosis typically only affects the surface of a tooth. This means there are no cavities or other damages made to the tooth. Many cases of fluorosis are trivial enough and don’t need treatment. However, when treatment is recommended by your dental professional, traditional tooth whitening procedures are employed. In severe cases of fluorosis, your dentist may recommend bonding, crowns or veneers.


Water is necessary for life however, it is important to be aware where your water comes from to make sure you and your kids have a healthy smile.